Monday, 31 October 2011

Sydney FC: Exciting times in the final third - finally.

Any midfield that has Terry Antonis, Nicky Carle, Brett Emerton and Karol Kisel in it's line-up is going to entertain.

Terry Antonis is all energy and all skill. And can only get better. His performances this season have been outstanding and Sydney FC obviously realise this kids abilities.

After Captain and holding midfielder Terry McFlynn went off, it was young Antonis asked to come back and hold the fort.

At 18 that's some responsibility - some capability to switch from exciting, dynamic number 10 to defensive mid. Thing is he missed not a trick.

And with the mobile Emerton, tricky Nicky, crafty Karol I'm loving the rebirth of Sydney FC.

Away from home - they will rarely get beat. Improved defence and now pace and creativity on the break.

Can they produce the performances required at home? I think they can.

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