Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sydney FC worth watching in 2011 - hooray for that!

Sydney are stronger this season - both in defence crucial to their Championship winning year under Vitaslev and in attack.

Last year they lacked the mobility, pace and craft to hurt any team and always conceded- eventually.

This year, anyone who saw their Brisbane performance will know that they were able to dominate the Roar and should have been in the lead by half-time. The Roar's patient game plus a shocker from Liam Reddy destroyed Sydney's chances.

And it's away games where Sydney with a strong defence, can do damage.

Brett Emerton, Terry Antonis, Karol Kisel and Demi Petratos mean Sydney have a completely different, more pace, more craft and more attacking options thann last year.

And so it showed last night.

They met a confident Reds, fresh from a home win over Victory - albeit influenced by Adrian Leijer's sending off - and they done them with style.

Bruno Cazarine was influential throughout - Brett Emerton and co showed their increased mobility and Terry Antonis at just 17 is a star. He is lighting up the league.

Sydney are on the march - if they can sort out their home performances they'll be worth watching this year - finally.

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