Sunday, 6 November 2011

5 Foreign Players we don't need

In the A-League we love to sign foreign players - often has beens from the lower teams or divisions of Europe or Brazil.

Are the Aussie's really any worse?

After seven years we have our proof.

Here's five, still running around that we really don't need anymore, if we ever did - and I bet they get more coin than the local player they replace.

Andy Slory at Adelaide - go home - develop Iain Ramsay

Stephen McGarry at Perth Glory - Adam Hughes is no worse.

Grant Brebner at Melbourne Victory - I'd rather see Billy Celeski, even Leigh Broxham develop thank you. I've struggled to watch you for years and it hasn't been joyful not in Australia - even worse in Asia.

Robson at Gold Coast United - what has he given us and he's been here for years!

Terry McFlynn, Northern Irish - great guy - but is he really so much better than an Aussie? Tezza get naturalised now or it's oot for you.

And I'd rather keep Matty Kemp or even Evan Berger playing than another Fabio, left-back Brazilian that we desperately need to have it seems.

We love to sign overseas players - but do we really need so many of them anymore?


Neil said...

Brebner is acutally naturalised so you'll have to find someone else. And to say that you would rather have Evan Berger over a good import shows you a slightly delusional.

Eamonn said...

A good import - that's the point isn't it.

Some one just a tad better - is it worth it?