Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Fox Sports FC: Sexist..surely not and more football please!

Fox Sports FC has changed this year and it's not a great look or feel for the better in my opinion.

Adam Peacock couldn't control the boys Bozza and Slater so a change had to come I guess. Simon Hill and Andy Harper as hosts were always excellent.

Now we have Andy Maher as host, no probs with him, not great as a football lead but professional, and Andy Harper and Mark Bosnich as the experts. And I reckon they are two of our best most credible though Bozza is starting to head the talk just a little too much - too much of a good thing maybe?

But the three things that irritate me:

First having the Men, this week it was Mike Cockerill on the couch - not a great look. But hey each to their own as the men spread their legs.

But what are they doing with Mel Mcclouglin?

It's truly embarrassing. I know Bozza and Robbie couldn't respect her enough to enable a proper conversation with Mel as a professional host, that was tedious and they were a disgrace - but shoving her to the "girlie" news anchor. It's pathetic. Shades of Marianne Rudan and co on SBS?

Read Les' book - it's no surprise.

For Fox Sports: Why have Mel on at all - she's not allowed to contribute in the football debates - and I'd argue she be as good if not better than Andy Maher as a host - but would the boys treat her with the respect as a professional - she deserves it. Harps would.

We've a long way to go in perfecting the show - reduce the talk a tad, show a bit more (Aussie) football, but either use Mel as she is. An articulate, knowledgeable football presenter with a long-term career in the game ahead of her.

Or ditch her - the news in the corner girl, not allowed to speak - give me a break.

Who thought of that idea?

And I know we have to have all that English pap but really some talking head has been to tell us what is happening in the UK - more football less talk.

Surely Harps and Bozza can analyse the footy from the UK - but guess you have to show it first!

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