Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Mehmet what have you done to Marco Rojas?

The real shame of the fiasco down in Melbourne is not:

The dismal style of football they are playing - we've seen that before.
Not the lack of game time for Costa Rican Juan Carlos Solarzano.
The signing of Fabio.

Now it is the destruction of young Kiwi star Marcos Rojas.

Marco Rojas came to Melbourne Victory a star on the rise.

Well what happened to the young Kiwi who lit up the A-League and All Whites last year with some eye catching displays last year.

This year the young player moved to the biggest club in Australia, Melbourne Victory and we all thought he'd take the next step.

He started lively, Mehmet Durakovic pumping the young fella up telling media he is just to go out and enjoy his football, "he's young."

Well young Marco is fast turning into the most under-confident, small (never a problem last year) slow young Kiwi we've even seen.

Oh Mehmet what have you done?

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