Sunday, 13 November 2011

Roar's training video helps the opposition

Check out the video and you'll know how to stop the Roar!

If you watched the recent Wellington Roar game you'll have seen Ivan Franjic played in time and time again a la the above video training drill. Four men in the box, the ball played back or across to a Roar player.

In the drill there were only defenders - against Wellington and Victory there were 7 or 8!

You might not beat the Roar but if you get 8 players in the box there's a fair chance you can stop their finishing prowess.

Think Wellington not Adelaide, or Melbourne Victory 9 not Gold Coast 11.

Of course you have to score - most teams will get a steal or two and need to break fast down the middle. Quick feet and pace will help, but Wellington had neither when their chances arose.

Harry Kewell and Archie Thompson took advantage of tactical error to perfection. Harry's knowledge, speed of thought and quick, accurate release.

The record goes on - who can beat the Roar? Sydney FC?

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