Friday, 24 February 2012

Pathway for U13 ACT Girls

Girls in the ACT U13 are heading to play in the Australian National Championships in April.

National Coach Tom Sermanni and his Coaching team will be at the Championships to watch the future players and to pick the All-Star team.

These players will be noted and will have the first chance to impress the National Coach.

For ACT players we have a record of getting one player in the All-Star team in the past two years.

ACT U13 players will then be pushing for a place in the ACT Academy of Sport train-on squad and some may even be offered a Scholarship place come December this year - or again in the following year.

Realistically if a girl doesn't make ACTAS she will not go higher in football from Canberra.

So what should an Under 13 girl do this year in terms of her football team.

Most will play with the boys in the Open division. Not a wise choice in my view - but one players and parents seem to think is appropriate.

I'd argue the best way for players to gain access to ACTAS train-on agreement post-U13 National Champs is to have an individual plan.

Train with Capital Football
Play in a team where you dominate for the 16 week season, improve your touch and your confidence over and over.

How many girls will improve their touch playing in boys - 1 or 2 I'd argue. The rest will be shoved down the back or on the wing.

At 13 girls like boys are not complete.

Forget the physical and even the speed for the 16 week of the junior season and concentrate on getting a strong coach, a coach who builds a players confidence and knowledge and most of all technique.

Does anyone advise ACT Rep players what is best for an individual - they do in Swimming Rep teams - or are they just encouraged to do their own thing without any guidance from those that know.

I'm not hearing much from players coming out of Rep squads with anything approaching sane advice.

Players and parents should be informed exactly what the pathway, opportunities are for U13 girls and indeed advised individually on a course of action.

One size does not fit all. But is there a player who needs to work more on speed, aggression and game understanding, than technique.

I wouldn't think so - not if you're aiming for ACTAS>

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