Saturday, 3 March 2012

Clive Palmer: Did you just get bored?

Clive Palmer, A-League Club Owner and Billionaire tries to takeover football, all of it - yet he can't even get his own Franchise right.

Before we forget:

Here's five things Clive did really well -

Signed Jason Culina and made a splash.

Appointed Miron Bleiberg and got plenty of coverage.

Made some nice noises early about his clubs intentions.

Opened the gates for free once the whole crowd thing seemed to be going pair shape.

Signed a whole heap of local talented Youth players.

Here's five, just five things he did really poorly.

1. Game one, away to Brisbane advised his own supporters not to travel.

2. Closed the stadium

3. Refused to pay injured players.

4. Talked the game down and other codes in the Gold Coast region.

5. Refused to sign players for more than one year contracts....which suggests to me the guy wanted out and is looking for an out.

He now has forced his out. Was this his plan all along???

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