Monday, 2 April 2012

Finals Football Week 1 - Perth linesman gives Perth a goal that never was.

Shane Smeltz stole the headlines as Perth put a strangely negative Melbourne Heart to the sword.

Perth aren't pretty for the neutral and with Liam Miller off his game it was dire stuff. A strange second "goal" that clearly wasn't killed the game all hats off to Smeltz for celebrating early - did he influence the Perth-based linesman who gave a goal.

And Heart conceded the game way before the ninety as they played a lone striker - refusing ever to send their excellent wide defenders forward.

Heart lacked courage in the game that most mattered.

And next week it' Perth v Wellington - not just the longest game in World football - is destined to be the most dire. Two pretty ordinary teams, albeit packed with experienced pros, working hard getting the job done. Talk that one up Fox Sports.

In Brisbane the Roar gave me a real taste of finals football and let's hope for the sake of the league, progressive football that these two teams meet on Finals day.

If Perth make it to the final it will be so disappointing for football fans in this country and if they won it - that is too scary to contemplate.

Perth in Asia - or even Wellington. God no! Not on this form with this "style."

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