Friday, 20 April 2012

Han Berger: Can you help us - because we can help you.

We the grassroots of Australia would like to create more creative players but when we send them off to Rep teams and then watch them at National Championsips we're faced with this:

Massive pitches for U13 -

Han can you please inform me how this encourages players to overlap, to play through balls, for coaches to take a few risks, to encourage the smaller play - he or she of little legs on the massive pitch.

Points but no Technical Points -

Ditch the points. Aussie kids want to win - but if you or your FFA group awarded technical points for playing out, individual team technique, creative play, attacking play, 1 v 1s completed you'd start to educate every player and parent in the National Champs - where most of our elite players go and from these groups many will continue into Youth teams etc.

For the rest we'll learn the finer points of the game and what 13 year olds and more importantly their coaches need to focus on.

Come on Han we love yer - but it's killing me this "development."

And while you're at it ditch the 11 a side game for 11s and 12s and lets focus on the skill and the creative players. Just do it!

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