Monday, 23 April 2012

Well done Perth - what now?

Great stuff Perth - you dug in, bought a whole heap of ageing stars and almost snatched the Championship. Phew - you would never have been worthy Champs, not to the neutral.

 So what not?

More of the same?

How long will Travis Dodd be able to bust a gut for 60 minutes, or 34 year old Jacob Burns control games in the Aussie heat. Not to mention an ageing Dean Heffernan, Billy Mehmet, Steve McGarry and more.

There are a couple of young Perth players coming through, out on the flanks at best, but there seems to be a huge gap between the ageing stars and the young possibles in the West. Melbourne Heart, Central Coast, Brisbane Roar even Sydney and Melbourne Victory have more youth, more established in key positions.

Perth's success has been expensive - we could the see the Glory slip once more or have to spend further on ageing stars. A further waste of money?

 It doesn't look so good in the West - despite their performances of late. Or do you know different.


Eamon 2 said...


Your hate for Glory is putting a lot of potential Perth supporters of Canberra off side. You have been attacking Glory for a while now, even when they play well.
You disappoint me, we do not comment on the Canberra scene from here because we are too far away.

Eamonn said...

No-one hates the Glory - more their style of play doesn't excite this neutral.

I give fair praise to the Young Glory boys - did you miss that?

The national league is shown in my lounge room thru Fox - I feel I know Perth Glory as well as any fan and feel able to comment.

Don't be getting too upset with me. Isn't it great that someone in Canberra wants to talk about Perth Glory!

Beside I know people who comment on Man Utd, even Barcelona and they are rarely seen at a game!