Sunday, 8 April 2012

Why West Sydney FC is great for Canberra - so why did Ivan Slavich step down

As FFA franchises continue to go under only an idiot would suggest West Sydney and the other nine are here to stay.

Sad but true.

And if one more little franchise falls than guess what - the FFA who don't want a nine team comp, neither do Fox, will have to go elsewhere.

In a country as small as ours, with as many failed teams and regions as ours their is only one more place the FFA can go.


Wollongong, Tasmania, and Geelong maybe someday, just not yet.

So if the FFA were really interested in the next level of the business plan, football expansion, grassroots connection, why wouldn't they sit down with Ivan Slavich and say hold on Ivan, don't move on just yet we want to work with you to make it happen. After all you've produced the best bid we've seen apart from a Clive Palmer cheque (that's not a bid btw) so why would we want you to step down now.

In fact they should be saying:

2015 post Asia Cup we want Canberra - all other things being equal.
Re-build and grow your community support over the next two years.
Increase and improve your revenue model.

Meet the targets - you're in, no if's no buts.

Unless of course a team like West Sydney goes belly up in which case we'll take you tomorrow, business plan or no plan.

And imagine if the Melbourne Derbies are replicated in Sydney over the next three or more years and imagine the game gets on a bit of a roll - not impossible.

In three years we'd be ready for another team or even two.

But that requires FFA vision and if the TV deal is good, or even if it isn't Ben Buckley and Frank Lowy will surely be on their last legs......

Connecting with the grassroots is always so much easier when their is a team in the region. Duh!

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