Thursday, 17 May 2012

Has Arnie read Soccernomics? What is Arnie up to?

If you've ever read, or even if you haven't read Soccernomics you know that all round the World it's the Clubs in the biggest cities who succeed....eventually.

Think Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Scotland, England and the answer, despite the odd temporary hitch is the same. Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Celtic, all win and if they don't win it isn't long before they do.


The Economics of football - the biggest cities, with the biggest fans and resources eventually attract the biggest resources and can continually buy the best coaches, players and biggest squads. It's why Liverpool are done and dusted. Big in the 70's but can never return to the top without an Asian Oil Owner or two.

So when Graham Arnold opted to stay at the seriously underfunded Central Coast Mariners why hasn't any Aussie journo really analysed the Arnie I want to stay at the smallest team in the world gig.

What is Arnie up to?

Sure anyone might like the lifestyle along the Coast...but even with the new training facilities the Mariners are never going to do better than they are right now. Not in Australia, not in Asia.

They won't be able to keep their talented youngsters nor will they be able to keep the crowds at the already witheringly low levels if they don't perform as they are now doing - top of the pile.

And that is not sustainable for long is it? 

So why did Arnie stay? Does he think he is a shoe-in for the next Socceroos gig or has he given up on it?

With Russian funds in scarce supply in Sydney never mind up the Coast who knows what Arnie's motivations are but clearly he hasn't read Soccernomics.

He simply can't succeed long-term at the Coast...or can he break the economic barrier in football. Even with our Salary Cap I can't see it. Not with a rejuvenated Sydney and Melbourne Victory.

Surely his next move can only be Asia and maybe another year at the Mariners and that is his real plan.

 Or else I'm starting to think he's on a retirement route. Surely not Arnie, not yet!

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