Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Did Japan freeze again on big stage?

If you saw Japan against Jordan - wonderful flowing youthful football with stars all over the park it was inevitable that Japan would win in Brisbane.

They didn't.

Indeed Holger's men tested them early and should have been a goal or maybe even two up with a bit of cool finishing.

Australia gave the Japanese young and golden generation a real fright.

With the results going Australia's yet again and of course the worst penalty decision helping us Australia are in a great position to get to the 2014 World Cup.

After last night - sprinkle a bit of Brett Holman, observe the nations we have to play who have capitulated in Japan - I expect us to win all home games and take at least one victory on the road. Surely enough.

Some fantastic performances for Australia last night and despite being a weary team late on, it maybe this point that gets them to the World Cup.

We all knew this would be our hardest route, our oldest players but last night showed we have enough quality to get the job done once more.

Then we really must rebuild!

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