Sunday, 24 June 2012

A-League stars - Has the money dried up?

Harry Kewell's gone to.....Blackburn Rovers.

The reasons appear genuine but in football circles who would ever know the truth. And Harry certainly didn't get the financial deal last year that he was expecting...suspicious, me...would you want to go to Blackburn when you were almost 34?

Bet t'Rovers fans are excited....not!

Maybe Harry saw the new BSB/Sky deal and thought I'll have some of that - or maybe he realises to make Brazil - he's got to play more than six months football at his age.

Nice while we had him, pity he's gone! Would have love to see him work with Ange.

But more importantly the great rebuilding job we had in the A-League last year could be in danger of doing a groin or two.

Last season Harry v Emerton rocked the opening game last year - enough hype for everyone.

This year Harry is gone and Emmo is still injured. Players like Dario Vidosic, Liam Miller all added to the interest last year - also Karol Kisel, Franny Jeffers, and a few old guy in Perth.

This year the intake has been incredibly uninteresting - losing a Eli Babalj or two, that will always happen, Harry Kewell is gone and who will entice us on those pre-season moments.

 Nikolai Topor-Stanley and Ahmed Elrich moving to Western Sydney is hardly razzle dazzle!

There is a long way to go until the start of the season and I'm expecting Marcos Flores to razzle dazzle back into town - but who else?

Has the money dried up? Bit of a worry when half of Europe is destitute!

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