Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Junior Football Bravery award - measure your development guage

In Junior Football do you cheer the keeper roll out or pass with their feet more than a goal?

If you are really focused on development a Coach or Parent (and maybe even a rare young player) should cheer the keeper distribution more than a goal.

A goal can come from many things, but a young keeper rolling or passing a ball out has the whole of Australia on his or her back.

Boot it!

You'll give a goal away if you pass it or roll it!

And you will of course. Kids do.

And you can guarantee someone, somewhere will blame the keeper. The parent, a player, the opposing coach, opposing team mate or maybe even your own coach. It takes the bravest coach and the bravest player to continue to roll or pass the ball out in Australian football. Why is this so?

Spain roll it out, even Italy at 2-0 down roll it out. Brisbane Roar the Aussie Champions roll it out.

In Futsal and Football is your junior team, your junior club starting their development with this problem solving exercise.

Can't roll, can't play!

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