Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Daily Telegraph changes to football - wonder why?

Australia's favourite football commentator Simon Hill reports that the Daily Telegraph has changed from using the word Soccer to football.

Paul Kent, Rebecca Wilson - guess you are loving that!
Seems to me the Telly has increased coverage of the game in recent weeks as well.

Wonder why the change of name?

Here in Canberra, the Canberra Times are tortured soles.

Football online but the same journos and organisation dare not use the term football in their papers.

Guess they still call Telstra Tower, Telecom Tower. Get with the times.

And of course you have to love Tim Gavel from the ABC - another tortured sole it seems.

When interviewing the Head of Capital Football he'll generally say:

We're now talking to Heather Reid, the CEO of Capital Football,  "So how's the Soccer Heather."

Great to see the last bastions holding out with their own language. It's been interesting to observe the subtle shifts as organisations slowly but surely move to the term football. In some cases it's people like Tim holding the line.

Always good when he's away - football coverage increases about 90% on all news bulletins across the week. Interesting.

Football or Soccer. Does it really matter? Yes and no. Certainly it's about respect expecially given the history of media treatment of football in Australia. All codes deserve respect so deal with it!

And I can't think of another organisation in Australia where the media would constantly call the code/organisation something different from it's title  

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