Monday, 15 October 2012

Forget McFlynn - lets boo the corner dwellers

They call football entertainment and the A-League, off to a flyer, wants fans to return time and time again.

But if players run like scared chooks off to the corners the moment the clock hits 80 or maybe 85 minutes fans will be running out the gates even faster.

Gary Van Egmond is an admirable, proven coach.

Does he send a message to his gun players to "Head to the Corners" or is this the price you get for bringing in experience a la Michael Bridge.

What a great message to give to a young kid.

Craig Goodwin inspired on the weekend and in the form he was in when he had the chance to finish the game or go to the corner, the brave boy chose the corner. Why?

Individual thought - or Coach instruction?

 And it's not just Craig is it. I don't think it was the Cup Final on the weekend, just a normal round game.

Adelaide are doing it, the Mariners thrive on it, now the Jets. Pathetic. Is it player advice or standard Coaching technique these days?

Pathetic Coaching - Professional Coaching....who needs it?

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A Football Story said...

what about the time wasting lying on the floor feigning injury!!!!