Monday, 22 October 2012

Socceroos - are they so crucial to football's growth?

We've always been told that the national team of Australia and their success is absolutely crucial to footballs growth and the A-League's growth?

But is it?

For the first time in living memory the A-League and domestic football has gone through the roof at precisely the time the Socceroos have had a run of their worst performances and results since 2010. Memberships are rising suggesting that people are more passionate, more often about their local club than the success of the Socceroos.

 I'm sure every Australian wants to see the Socceroos succeed but you just get the feeling it's not the definitive saviour of football or the A-League anymore. Celtic and Rangers fans turn up - and Scotland haven't been to a World Cup for years. Similarly English fans follow their clubs and England often disappoint, by their expectations.

 Football, club football can survive without the success of the National team. In the last six or so weeks I'm getting the feeling that A-League success can be built independent of Socceroo success.

Who'd have thought?

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