Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sydney FC - Rogic is just developing, Flores and co are the final product.

You knew they'd concede heaps once Sydney came out 3-1 down on Saturday and went to a back three.

 They did.

Schoolboy Coaching? Possibly, schoolboy defending...all game.

 Confidence at an all time low? Of course 6 or 7 players out including a defence means results are perhaps not showing the real Sydney especially as its early in the season.

But you can guarantee if they can't get three out of four defenders back for this week they'll get thumped again.

Melbourne will rip them to shreds.

Worse teams than Melbourne have caused them problems this season; think game 1 v Wellington.

The pace, touch and vibrancy of the Victory front six could scare Trent McClenahan and co.

Tommy Rogic - he's just developing, Flores and co are the real thing.

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