Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hey Sydneysiders: Who do you sing for? Let me help.

All Sydneysiders should have their team by now.

But of course you wouldn't be Sydneysiders if you all did.

Are you Red or Blue? Now that wasn't hard was it?

 Do you like bumblebees of the red and black kind or bluebottles; these one's don't least not often.

If you're from Sydney and you have played football, watched football, enjoyed football or simply love sport.

Or if you are just from Sydney. It's time.

Who do you sing for?...and you can't change...ever!

Western Sydney Wanderers or Sydney FC.

And to help you here's a few reasons:  

For Western Sydney Wanderers:

You're from the West.
You support the strugglers.
You support all things new.
You love a winner - so you jump ship from Manly, Sydney FC or the Eels early and based on latest reports Sydney Swans won't win this year as we all take turns in AFL apparently.

You love Shinji Ono.
You want to get on the bandwagon and become a supporter of the first Aussie team to win a league in their first season.
You admire Poppa and his style of play - (even if he nearly elbowed Australia out of that World Cup qualifier against Uruquay in 2005...shhh).
You like to sing at football.

You enjoy a good bit of theatre on the sidelines.
You never went to watch Dwight Yorke  

For Sydney FC

I earn so much money.
I have been with them since Dwight scored so just have to stay.
I like mental torture.
Now Butcher has gone it's actually okay.
We haven't lost at home for like....ages.
Alessandro Del Piero is here.

It's so near the City.
It's so near the beach.
It's so near the Cricket.

We can do something else instead so that can be my team. I bought a shirt already...I've got it somewhere...I think.

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