Sunday, 11 May 2008

Canberra Women to miss out?

Women's football on the rise in Canberra, Australia. Federal Government money about to flow into grassroots and womens football. But another blow for Canberra football. This time it's the women who will suffer!

Looks like the National Women's football league is about to get the nod. Probably for a October start.

Westfields have seen the light and are about to sponsor the Matildas. Surely more sponsors of women and girls football will follow.

And it will be six sides, possibly seven women's teams, all linked to A-League sides. But no Canberra team. More on that later.

Excitingly the winners of the National League are expected to play in an Asian Champions League. With only one other country in Asia, Japan, having a women's National League. It will probably mean just two clubs from Japan and two from Australia.

One idea is that the winners of a home and away league will get the automatic place. With second and third playing off for the second Asian place. The format has yet to be decided.

And what is to stop the winners, in time, going to Europe and play the European winners, South American Champions and a North American club side in the World Club Championship. With the popularity of womens football in say, Germany, TV and sponsorship of such a tournament shouldn't be too hard.

So exciting times, but not for Canberra.

Despite providing more National players than many other States, having a long history in the women's game Canberra is certain to miss out on a National team....again!

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