Sunday, 11 May 2008

Weekend wrap:

European Champions League tickets, Women's National League, SSG's, FIFA World Club, to OZ?, Grassroots report 2, Futsalroos win, Scott McDonald

European Champions League tickets: Man United end $1700, Chelsea end $800 but ticket prices our falling as matchday nears. Getting to and from Moscow is proving hard, and Accommodation starts at $400 a night!

Women's National League winners to play in Asian Champions League. See earlier post

Small Sided Games. FFA CEO Ben Buckley said on SBS this afternoon "it is not a trial. We expect it to be completed in three years."
Which given how far we are ahead in Canberra, why are some clubs so reluctant to go the whole way. Get on with it Canberra, and finish the job.

Grassroots report 2
And overheard on the weekend.

"Go on son push up" His son was in defence alongside another boy. His side could be seen way down the pitch all players surrounding the opposing goal.

"I can't Dad, I'm told I can't go past halfway!" And there he stood.

Carl Valeri his side had a 3-0 on the weekend. Must be safe from relegation now. Well done Grosseto Captain Carl Valeri in his and the clubs first season in Serie B. Where will Carl be next year?

FIFA World Club Champs to Australia in 2009 and 2010? FFA are expecting a decision before the FIFA Congress in Sydney. I'm registered, but at this point, not going, just in case you were wondering:)

Futsalroos started with a 3-1 win in their AFC tournament in Bangkok. Trent Flanigan got game time, Angelo Konstantinou did not. Top four sides qualify for October World Cup in Rio. Next game 3pm AEST today.

Scott McDonald scored for Celtic to keep the Hoops hopes of a title on track. Celtic are 4 pts ahead with one game left. Rangers have a UEFA CUP and Scottish Cup Final plus three league games to play.

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