Sunday, 11 May 2008

Kevin Keegan talks ACT Premier Football?

Kevin Keegan has warned that the Premier League is in danger of becoming "boring" if the current big four continue to dominate.
"But for the last few years and maybe the next few years, they are going to say you can only see two or three teams winning it (the Premier League).

Was he talking about the ACT Men's Premier's THIS WEEKENDS RESULTS!

Canberra Olympic 2 Tuggeranong Battle Cats United 0

Despite having a couple of players (Angelo Konstantinou and Trent Flanigan) in Bangkok with Futsalroos taking on Turkmenistan tonight, Olympic won 2-0 with goals from Scott Barsley and Travis Dries.

And clearly any signs of managerial dispute have been well settled. Nearpost Russ Gibbs, a Tuggers boy, was grinning from ear to ear this week as he thought internal squabbles at Olympic would assist his Battle Cats. Sorry Russ!

Belconnen United 4 Canberra City 0

No real surprise here. Except Danny Macor didn't score. Canberra City put in a good performance despite the loss. Young rising star Scott Unterrheiner missed a couple of chances early on, Kevin Room went close hitting the bar before goals from David Leet (2) Cameron Reinhart and Dustin Wells (pen) did the job.

Chris Jones was sent off for Canberra City late on, having brought down David Leet as he honed in on goal. Wells converted the penalty.

Zac Maybury had another good game for City.

Woden Valley 0 Canberra FC 3

Canberra pubs have been filled this season with the "Canberra FC are too old," rumours. But where is the evidence?

Another comfortable win with Paul Ivanic 2 and Alex Castro grabbing his usual goal.
What will they talk about in Canberra pubs this week?

ANU FC 1 O'Connor Knights 2
Perhaps the match of the round. ANU are proving a strong side this season. Possible top four contenders as predicted by Belconnen's Danny Macor early in the season.

But are they? n England they talked of Everton finishing ahead of Liverpool but where are the Toffees now!

Early days for ANU but, despite a narrow defeat here, they will have to grab a few points and occasional wins from the big four if they are to maintain their threat.


Anthony said...

Nice to get the scores early.

Also in passing.. My son noticed yesterday on the Sunday SBS football show that Canberra's Premier League is the only state based men's league not to have scores shown in the ticket tape at the bottom of the screen.
All the others states have their top leagues represented.. even Tasmania.
Why are we missing out??

Eamonn said...

Because we are Canberra!

in reality, our games are played on Saturday...ours don't finish until 5pm Sunday! Although one is played on Saturday.