Thursday, 8 May 2008

NT's best Indigenous Football Community

"I've found it. I'm in Borroloola," shouted Terry enthusiatically down the phone.

No I haven't been there, but we sent Nearpost Reporter Terry from the Tropics to investigate football in Indigenous Communities in the Northern Territory! After scouring the communities from 400 km west of Alice to Thursday Island, Arnham Land and everything in between, Terry rang.

"I've found it. I'm in Borroloola,"shouted Terry enthusiatically down the phone.

"It's an Indigenous Community in the Northen Territory. It's not big, maybe 300 people. But when you enter the community one thing strikes you that is different to almost all other Indigenous Communities in the NT that I've been to.

"The goal posts. They are football posts and not, as you normally find in Indigenous communities, Ausse Rules posts.

"And they have four teams. I watched them train last night barefoot.

"They have nine players in the Northern Territory boys and girls sides heading to Coffs Harbour for the National Championships in July, and have a player currently trialling with the Queensland Roar.

"They tell me Les Murray and SBS are thinking of doing a story up here. That would be great.

"I'm off to take a few photo's, if they give me permission, and have a chat with the players," said Terry from the Tropics.

Terry will file his story in the coming days. The Nearpost budget knows no limits!

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