Thursday, 8 May 2008

Promising Matildas

The "Promising Matildas" are in camp at the AIS starting today.

Speaking to Caitlin Munoz, who has just returned from the Matildas tour of the USA,"I'm not invited, but I'm going to join in a couple of sessions with the camp today."

Munoz had a frustrating time in the US. "The trip was really good, but I didn't get to play. At first they thought I had pulled a hamstring, then when scans ruled that out, they thought a back problem.

"But it's being labelled a 'mysterious injury'. I can jog at 75% but that's it. I going to have a couple more tests today. So it's frustrating but I'm going to join in a couple of sessions today.

"Hopefully I'm right for the Canada games.

"The young players in the US, like Kyah Simon, did really well. Kyah played in torrential rain. So it's going to make the Asian Cup selection really interesting," said Munoz.

You can catch the "Promising Matildas" in Camp at the AIS.

Session normally run 9:30 until 11:30am and then 2:30pm until 4:30pm.
There are normally games on Saturday and Sunday morning but these session are always subject to change. Watch this space for more details


Anonymous said...

Is there a squad list. Are there any ACT girls going?

Eamonn said...

Not having much luck with the finer details but will post as soon as I get the details cheers


Anonymous said...

3 canberra girls got invited. Apart from Amy Chapman (Quality Player) it is not quality but favoritism as the criteria for selection. The better the air swing, the better your chances with Robbie Hooker.

Eamonn said...


Anonymous said...

There are 3 ACT girls attending. Bronwyn Studman, Chrissie Walters and Amy Chapman

Anonymous said...

Amy Chapman is already in the Matildas and making a mark. I agree she is a 'class act'.

I have not heard of Walters or Studman. They haven't been in youth I don't think. I know that Simon, Uzunlar, Glohe and Perry were on the list from NSW. All former youth.