Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Townsville Rush

Townsville are reporting that ex-Liverpool star Ian Rush could be their A-League Coach.

What a joke. Steve McMahon, Terry Butcher, Richard Money did what exactly for the Australian game? What did those Coach's do that makes Townsville dash for Rush.

Come on guys you are having a larf. Aussie please, unless the overseas Coach is proven.


John said...

I agree in principle that we need proven coaches, but Ian Rush is a bigger name than Money, Butcher etc and would ensure great media attention if nothing else for the Thunder.

And he does have experience of the Australian game...albeit via a two game stint for the Melbourne Knights.

Eamonn said...

John: Rush isn't a much bigger name than a former England Captain in my view.
We need Aussie's and Rush adds nothing.
He's not proven, we may as well trial are own and give them vital experience.

Rush had two games for Sydney Olympic I thought, but whatever, it hardly gives him credibility to take one of the few Professional Football Caoching jobs in Australia.

and would he come cheap? I doubt it.

It's a waste of moeny. As for his "name" would there be a kid in Townsville under 20 who has even heard of him.

Prove he can Coach..then maybe just maybe. But he ain't proven, unless he's putting his own dosh in, sounds like an idea from the old NSL. It has no merit.

who is running the club some ex-Scourser!!

We need to give experience to Aussies. What happens if Rush fails. He doesn't like FNQ, or he can't coach?

Get an Aussie. They are passionate about the country the game here, know the A-League and have the long-term desire to succeed which Butcher and McMahon didn't