Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Canberra A-League: Can someone ask Terry?

Canberra's Terry Snow made it onto the BRW Rich list. $560 million!

Apparently the local business community were sceptical when Terry bought the airport for around $65 million in 1998. We know who has had the last laugh.
And wouldn't Terry like to get the ball rolling for a Canberra A-League side. Surely?

Has anybody asked him?


Terry Snow said...

G'day Eamonn,
To answer your question, no, I wouldn't like to get the ball rolling for a Canberra based a-league side as I don't enjoy flushing my money down the toilet.
Kindest Regards

Eamonn said...

Ha, if you were Terry and I very much doubt it, I would say,

and I'm never going to use your expanding airport again because it's an environmental nightmare with climate change etc


Eamonn said...

surely Terry for the benefit of Canberra, your investments, your plans..we should discuss the future over a coffee.

Kindest Regards