Monday, 9 June 2008

Canberran a Euro winner

As expected former St Monica's Evatt Primary Student Joe Simunic's Croatia side thrashed the "hopeless" Austrians 1-0 with a Luka Modric penalty in the second minute.

Before you get stuck into me, all you Austrians, did you know the people of Austria had a petition to get Austria booted out of the tournament to save their country embarassment. Yes they thought their team was that bad.

If they were that bad, then a 1-0 defeat sounds like a win...sort of.


Anonymous said...

as bad as the austrians are, the words thrashed and 1-0 don`t really go together, do they?

good to see joe and the crew doing well.


Eamonn said...

no they don't Clayton...and I reckon without Eduardo Croatia may not be scoring more than a goal a game...max!

Come on Austria love to see them get out of the group, but can't see it