Wednesday, 25 June 2008

What is that noise in Canberra?

Canberra A-League rumbles.

My very new best mate ACT Sports Minister Andrew Barr said today at the launch of the Kanga Cup, "We're looking at ways to get Canberra, Canberra business into China."

And I bumped into Opposition member Sports nut Bill Stefaniak as well. He thought the A-League in Canberra would be a good idea as well or so it seemed.

Well hello world. Let's get that A-League push happening. And it seems that the push is back on. It's early days but the sleeping giant of Canberra sport is starting to stir. Watch this space.

And on another note Heather Reid teased, "If the Minister releases land to us I've got people ready to build a sports complex, with stadium, swimming pool, pitches the lot."

The Minister smiled.

It was that sort of Press Conference. $1.4 million upgrade announced for Hawker Oval. A synthetic pitch, floodlights and upgrade to changing rooms and additional rooms and works.

Slowly but surely the infrastructure, the pathways will come. Too slow for me, but it's coming.

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Anonymous said...

Have they given a time frame for when the work on Hawker will be done?