Monday, 21 July 2008

Boys train at 6am!!!


Interesting article on how football has overtaken Rugby Union in Private schools in Sydney. I guess we are seeing the same in Canberra these days as the number of football teams is bigger than Rugby teams across our Private schools as well.

Which increases the viability and need for an A-League side in the Capital. Have you signed up:) But this quote from Knox Grammar Principal John Weeks, from the above article, intrigued me.

"The kids love it - we've got teams training at 6am three times a week, and they then do their classwork and then rush straight back onto the field.

"Now we have the same number of rugby teams as we do football teams, but we don't want any more rugby teams. We need to look at sport, ask where is it going, and see it's not just about rugby."

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