Thursday, 31 July 2008

Local Rumours

Football thrives on rumours and take these with a big pinch of Canberra Spin.
Dom Giampaolo...
to trial with Jets first team, Dane Milovanovic heads to Europe, Sam Munro to trial with Sydney FC Youth.

Carl Valeri off to Serie A, currently he is training twice a day in the mountains in Northen Italy. "We're getting smashed."

Summer League quashed, The Gong pulled the pin. ACT Rockets to play Rep games during the summer.


Anonymous said...

2 of these boys are rubbish. Dom will never go anywhere because his attitude is rubbish, dane is only in this position because of his dad. Sam Munro is the only one who actually has what is required to go on and play at the top level.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't even know who Sam Munro is. As for the other two, Dom is a quality player - nowhere near rubbish.. It is true that his attitude isn't great but it's hard to have a good attitude when there's nothing to play for locally. Dane has had help from dad, sure, but so have others like Carl Valeri. There have been better players than Valeri that didn't make it - he took the opportunity and I hope Dane does too. The sad fact is that we should have more Canberra youngsters heading off to A-League Youth teams..Correct me if I'm wrong, but Canberra Deakin won the last ever NYL title. Canberra would compete very strongly if we had an A-League team. I think Dom and Dane would be good enough to be in it too.

Anonymous said...

great response to the first comment,how can anyone claim someone is rubbish especially if they are at the AIS. Must have done soemthing right to keep their place in the squad. Watched a few games and Dane is quite good.
As far Canberra Deakin goes they are the reigning Australian champions. Pity Capital Football doesnt do something about getting them involved again.