Thursday, 31 July 2008

Picture from C.Times

Canberra's Caitlin Munoz, left, and Lydia Williams, third from right, joined Heather Garrock, Sarah Walsh, Karla Reuter, Tanya Oxtoby, Cheryl Salisbury, Melissa Barbieri, Jenna Tristram, Di Alagich and Victoria Balomenos at the launch of the W-League in Sydney. Picture: BONITA MERSIADES

Green's great but where's the white hoops said the Celtic fan. Should be a close to a ground record crowd at the first game at McKellar. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hoops for sure.

Here's hoping that we keep the green kit and the united name as we progress towards an a-league franchise.

Good luck to the women and congratulations to Capital Football for having us involved in this competition.

See you in 10 weeks at McKellar.

Anonymous said...

Who do oyu think will be in the ACT side? Are there tryouts?

Anonymous said...

There is a Young Matildas camp this weekend. Do you know who is still in the squad?

Anonymous said...

Young Matildas camp was last weekend. 4 ACTAS players were involved: Maja Blash, Bronwyn Studman, Rebecca Kiting, Christine Walters. This weekend is the U17 camp.

Anonymous said...

Do you know any others as I hear the squad is just about finalised to last 22. our girls did well to get there. do we have any u/17s?

Anonymous said...

2-1 to ACTAS. That is a pretty good result given the ACT YMs were probably not playing for ACTAS and some of the older ACTAS girls were not available. Well done ACTAS.

Second thoughts, thats a pretty bad result for the YM's even if it was just a practice game.

Anonymous said...


The score would have been higher for ACTAS if the ACT YMs played for the YMs instead of ACTAS.
And yes, no matildas played for ACTAS.

Anonymous said...

Im the parent of one of the ACTAS "gumbies" as you called them. Give thess kids a break. For once how about some support for the local kids instead of putting them down all the time. My daughter gives 100% and deserves a chance along with a lot of other kids.

Eamonn said...

Just to make sure it is not me,Eamonn Flanagan referring to any Canberra footballers at any level in the terms you describe above.

Indeed I'm deeply concerned about the use of the blog to attack and criticise our local players and coaches.

Whilst I love a debate, you'll note I have not commented on any of the comments here, I am very uncomfortable with people using the blog to put out what I consider to be garbage.

Words like Gumbies and attacks on Kaz Patafta Sally Shipard and others in the past really leave my head scratching.

I try and support all our local players at whatevr level of football.

I would encourage others to do the same or at least take the personal and personnel out of the criticism on this blog.

This city is too small. And besides people can hardly defend themselves can they.

Anonymous said...

Eamonn I was not in anyway referring to you as calling the 2 ACTAS players gumbies. For two long now I have sat back and read the rubbish that anonymous's have been writing and criticizing my daughter about.

My daughter lives for soccer and as I said gives 100%. I am extremely proud of her and what she has achieved.

It is very sad that people get pleasure out of running kids down. I understand that parents get upset when their kids do not make selections, we have been through a lot of that ourselves also but I would never criticize anyone who made selections, especially this way.

Anonymous said...

Any news yet on the coach for Canberra and players selected?

Eamonn said...

Coach position advertised on Sunday.
No news on players at this stage. Although I'm sure there's a bit of backroom chatter going on.

There'd better be, in an open market players could and probably will go anywhere.

Not that there is any money around. $150,000 salary cap but no-one is going to pay.

Why not? Just go and get a sponsor even if it's only $50,000 sponsors that's some money you can offer.

Can't be that hard it's an exploding sport but probably me just being a tad naive.

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