Sunday, 10 August 2008

Australia Argentina: This one could hurt.

Big game tonight. Can Arnie's defence hold out? and perhaps more importantly can we create....anything!

Australia earned a point, outplayed generally by Serbia in the opening game, but yet if the fastly improving Billy Celeski had scored rather than unluckily hit the post we would surely have won. That goal would have made it 2-0.

That said if Serbia took their chances and had a little more luck we'd have been 3 down before we scored!

Arnie's men, the much-maligned Graham Arnold may well be in the fray for the first Coach of the Canberra A-League team, but he needs the result of his life tonight.

It's not inspiring stuff is it?

The still moody Mark Milligan, Stuart Musialik, Trent McClenahan, Ruben Zadkovich and David Carney strung across the midfield supplying the ammo for the willing Archie Thompson and Nikita Rukavystya.

Not many creative players in the midfield is there. Carney produced something against Serbia but compared to the Serbia midfield Tokic or Argentinean Riguelme, Messi and the rest we don't have the capacity.

We can criticise. We needed Nicky Carle, or maybe Brett Holman or even Nathan Burns. Certainly something more creative than we have in that line-up.

It not's going to be pretty tonight. For us it can't be.

But Arnie has a reasonably strong defence, a reasonably sound defensive midfield who will be severely tested tonight.

We really need to remember where our players play, Hereford, Derby reserves or in Millsy's case he doesn't etc before we completely get disillusioned about the style.

We want the style but as yet we don't have the level of player required in the final third and that includes Burns, Carle and co.

Funny but we sort of mirror the National team, and that's the worry come World Cup Qualifier time.

Hold on to your hats this one could hurt!

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