Sunday, 10 August 2008

Oh Nikita you could have been a hero

Argentina defeated Australia 1-0 in Shanghai but Perth Glory's Nikita Rukavystya could have stole the show....if he'd have finished one of his three chances.

Argentina ran the show, but Aussie Coach Graham Arnold had his defence working overtime to halt the threat of the Olympic Champions.

And we did mostly. Argentina weren't a huge threat, given their reputation and quality across the park.

Indeed most of the threat came from simple Aussie errors. Adam Federici holding the ball too long, or when good work was done in the second half the tiring Neil Kilkenny and Billy Celseki gave away easy possession.

Ruben Zadkovich always does great work and he always undoes it. A frustrating player.

Archie Thompson battled well, and blew his one chance. Rukavystya could have scored three.

But mostly we were defending, in numbers. And we did it well enough.

David Carney, is he the new Brett Emerton? Matthew Spiranovic looked class. Federici did the hard things well and the easy things he didn't bother about so much.

Trent MCclenahan coming on late to save the game. Nice one Arnie.

The Aussies were tired and couldn't chase the game and Arnie unlike Gus Hiddink had no plan B, or C. If Trent was his plan, that's a shame isn't it.

So we lost, it was engrossing, and I thought Nikita would get a chance not three.

The defensive pairing of Jade North and Matthew Spiranovic looked good for the future.

The game was won or lost for me, in front of the central pairing, Mark Milligan and Stuey Musialik couldn't control the space outside the box. Despite our numbers the Argentineans threatened this area again and again.

Not bad lads, not bad.

Channel 7. Hopeless first half, way off the pace. Took drinks breaks time and time again and I was cursing every sponsor.

Mike McCann could do with learning a bit about the game. James Troisi doesn't have a club apparently, well neither does the Captain Mark Milligan, Mike:)

But they lessened the Ads and the second half seemed to be allowed to run once the lads were in with a shout.

Hats off to the Green and Gold Army and FourFourTwo, but it still would have been better on SBS.

Bring on the Ivory Coast.


Michael West said...

Good effort by the Olyroos! It wasn't the blood bath we were expecting which was nice. Much better performance than the first game and I could count the long balls on one hand (if you exclude the ones Federici put out!!)

Shame that the commentary was appalling!! Seven could have at least got someone who knew the rules. It was pretty obvious what the penalty (not 'foul' Mike) that Federici gave away and the commentator had absolutely no idea. I nearly watched the game with the sound off.

And to have him harp on about Messi all the time (sure he is a high profile player but come'on!) was like nails on a chalkboard. The irony is that Messi had a pretty ordinary game and non-football fans are probably wondering what all the fuss about him was for!!

Anonymous said...


I reckon Milligan has played as a Defensive midfielder only a hand full of times.

Ruben Zadkovich is a great player the only problem is when he gets near the ball, he has too many thoughts that go into his head like, pass, run shoot, play my guitar.

Rukavystya will have nightmares for the rest of his life two amazing chances. Archie has two amazing chances and he fluffed them.

I found the comment by Arnold after the first game hilarious he said that Serbian players all play in Europe and that 8 of the first 11 of the olyroos all play in the A-League. Well Djite, Burns, Williams, Vidosic all play in Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ruben Zadkovich a great player?

Obviously you weren't watching Sydney FC last season !!!!

Anonymous said...

Ruben Zadkovich is a great player the only problem is when he gets near the ball, he has too many thoughts that go into his head like, pass, run shoot, play my guitar.

the above paragraph contains sarcasm. The sarcasm area is when I say.

the only problem is when he gets near the ball.......