Thursday, 21 August 2008

Canberra A-League: $4.5 million plus 500 members already

We need $6 million we've already got $4.5 million and over 530 Foundation Members. All in a few weeks. A fantastic effort from Ivan Slavich and the whole community. Have we ever been so close?

Just one more investor and further Foundation Memberships can get us to the inital goal of $6 million. Not bad for a bid just starting to roll.

And remember the Mariners started Season 1 with 600 members, and we've got two years to go!

Ivan Slavich said this week on Nearpost Radio there were 4 bids from Melbourne, 2 from Sydney, 1 from Tasmania and 1 from Wollongong for the two remaining spots..assuming Townsville join the Gold Coast next year.

I say assume nothing. With Melbourne divided, Sydney FC wanting an extension on a moratorium, Tassie unlikely to get the finances and the Gong talking Youth teams first, with the Government support in the ACT we are sending a strong message to other investors. Get in now, says Ivan, or you may miss out!!


Anonymous said...

0543 Jon Stanhope

$200 is pretty cheap for a few votes!

Eamonn said...

I think it's great to have support from all our Politicians, Business Community and of course our football and non-football community.