Thursday, 21 August 2008

Mario Jardel is back

but this time he's Scottish and he's playing for Queensland Roar.

Charlie Miller is doing his best to impersonate Mario Jardel. He's got the whole belly thing off pat.

Even wears the shirt the same.

He looks like he's come from a Scottish pub just before the game, but he did play in the 3 degree Summer A-League kick-off game for the Roar in Wellington.

At one point he motioned to the bench about being too cold, or maybe thirsty or maybe too hot. After all he'd done 30 minutes or so by then.

He strolled nicely into forward areas, but unlike Jardel he scored. Admittedly it was just after half time when he'd had a long long rest.

Nice touches undoubtedly but will he last the distance. 30 degrees in Brisbane, I'm not sure he liked 3 degrees in Wellington.

He's got M and M's for pitch comfort. Massimo Murdocha and Matty McKay are going to just love running all day for Charlie.

Dwight Yorke never played a pre-season game, Juninho took ages to get fit, Jardel remained fat, Romario never moved, even Stan Lazaridis, Ljubo Milicevic, Carlos Hernandez all took a while to get going. John Aloisi injured, Paul Agostino has hardly played.

Anyone ever get the impression we're been taking for a ride.

Charlie Miller? He's got to be a huge gamble at best. And of course he's a mate of Craig Moore's. Good luck Charlie you've proved me wrong so far but if you wobble off injured, can't sustain the pace, or just fall in a heap expect no sympathy from me.

It's a professional game and it's about time players coming here arrived in shape.


Anonymous said...

i`ll give charlie and his rolls the benefit of the doubt.

he could get fatter if he liked.

as long as he plays well.

the only thing that matters is his performance.

and he wasn`t brought over for his sprinting ability.

also, jardel was brought over on a lot more cash than miller was. if he doesn`t work out it isn`t the end of the world.

so far so good.


Eamonn said...

Yep your ahead so far Clayton, but it is very long (hot) season almost 21 games! about 18 games too many for an overweight Scotsman:)

Anonymous said...

yeah, he`ll probably crash and burn. i`ll give you that.

but as strange as it sounds, i`d rather have miller in town than young mr zadkovich.

seems like the guy has a footballing brain. something we don`t appreciate enough in oz.


Eamonn said...

true a football brain is rare and it's nice to see a guy who doesn't or want to run at 100 miles per hour a la Zadkovicg..Clayton can you email me on flanagan (DOT) I have a couple of questions to ask you.