Monday, 18 August 2008

Canberra A-League : More money rolls in.

Canberra A-League bid update. Money, support and your help?

Last week the ACT Goverment put in $2.5 million and this week I'm expecting sponsor announcements. At least THREE possibly Four Gold Sponsors already lined up so expect news later in the week. One is rumoured to be for half a millon dollars!

Fox Sports Simon Hill.....
Andy Harper and SBS Craig Foster, Sun Herald's Matthew Hall have all been in contact and are very enthusiastic to hear a team from the Capital is being planned, and so far advanced in such a short time......and Canberrans are taking up the challenge as well.

Andrew Barr, ACT Government has joined up and of course tipped in $2.5 million as of last Friday.

Kate Lundy, Zed Seselja are onboard showing it's clearly a bid for the City. Bill Stefaniak has ideas to attract more members.

Offers of support flood in from across the Canberra Community. From Cam Tully, from the Tulley band and from one of Canberra's oldest families, Mark Parton Canberra Radio legend and Ben Sakker Kelly.

Claudio Cecchini, Nicole Somi, and Ned Zelic have all offered support.

Leaflet letter drops, we need volunteers, Gala dinners, poster runs, stalls at Clubs, and "Face of the Bid" have all been muted. Great stuff.

Let's keep the momentum going and let me know if you can take on a small or large venture on behalf of the bid. Every bit helps.

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