Monday, 18 August 2008

God help the Kiwi's

Now I love my Yellow Fever fans but the second year in and someone has to help them out....Ricky Herbert is the

New Zealand equivalent to Graham Arnold. It's tedious, deadly to watch and I hold little hope for the season for our loud yellow fans.

Of course they'll be bottom.

Did you see how they played at home, against a Scottish midfielder Charlie Miller who looked like he'd just rocked out of a Scottish pub. He's living at Craig Moore's house apparently, should that read The Moore and Miller local?

Anyhoo, The Yellow Army, god bless em, loud and vocal in the rain willing their team despite another dire season ahead.

And they drew their first game! How did this happen? With the ball missing the midfield on many occasions and little in the way of forward link players. The crosses were dire and I had to turn it off, I couldn't take it.

In Leo Bertos, Adam Kwasnik, Daniel and the free scoring Shane Smeltz they've got some bits of talent sometime, but no-one all the time.

And it's painful to see one Dodd on the park but two, I had to turn it off. The A-League should make a rule against it.

And Ricky Herbert if anyone in any of the football fraternity, football media EVER tell me what a great coach he baloney.

Where is the evidence? I can produce a team of plodders and make them plod. He even makes the Brazilians look like plodders.

He's recruited well in Andrew Durante and Jon Mckain and Glen Moss will earn his money more than most keepers, but where is the football going to come from.

It is going to be painful.

The Phoenix reckon yesterdays game was "Dour" isn't it always from any New Zealand team.

When did an NZ side ever play with any flair, indeed not since Winton Rufus or some of the great All Blacks sides has a Kiwi team kept me watching.

Even the All Blacks are woeful these days:)

So Ricky good luck to yer, but you may as well come last playing football than last with the sort of stuff we saw yesterday.

It can only get better, of course, but I'm expecting you to get flogged on away trips as you hoof it up the field and hang on with what seems to be a much-improved defence.

The Yellow Fever fans are going to need to keep singing as at the moment they are more entertaining than the home side will ever be!


Anonymous said...

wellington have no midfield that's why it was by-passing them.


very crap 4 games.

Eric said...

Haha Eammonn, one thing I love about your blog is the occasional rants! Must say I think a little more of the Phoenix than you do. Definitely think they'll lift off the bottom this season. Perth are lining up for that wooden spoon already!


Eamonn said...

Ha Eric, what is the point of having a blog if you can't rant...

and I guess now the season has started there will be more of the same:)

as for Welly off the bottom, maybe you are right..but they ain't going far are they?