Thursday, 28 August 2008

Melbourne to fire at home...what Salary Cap?

Can't wait to see Melbourne and Sydney playing at home this weekend. Both of the big city clubs have shown they have enough talent and money to keep me awake this year...

Melbourne might have the luxury of leaving Archie Thompson on the bench. Wow!

And Sydney still have John Aloisi to come in.

Melbourne take on Newcastle but could stuggle at home in front of the passionate and demanding Victorian support. And Joel (Griffiths) is guaranteed to cause a stir and maybe a goal or two at the Dome. Should be great to see what Ernie, oops nearly said Arnie, comes up with.

Grant Brebner, Archie Thompson, Leigh Broxham, Nicky Ward and Seb Ryall all fighting to get on the bench for Melbourne?

Sydney miss the swearing, Ref-abusing Stuart Musialik but they too have Mitch Prentice, Adam Casey, Adam Biddle and John Aloisi all pushing for a start. The Sydney-side showing more depth in the forward line than previous years. Pity about the defence.

Perth will relish the challenge and with Nikita Rukavystya coming off the bench there is the suggestion of an increased quality in the Western Australian side. Jimmy Downey and Jamie Harnwell haven't started yet, so again more depth?

Adelaide take on Wellington. And can you really see Wellington getting more points than last year. Lei Lei Gao and Adam Kwasnik give some hope. But Gao has been injured and Kwasnik needs a midfield to help him.

The Phoenix have not one midfielder, maybe Daniel on a sunny day, that I would like to see in my team. Will the crowds plummet in NZ? Let's hope not.

And Mark Bosnich makes his professional return against the only man fatter than him in the league the goal-scoring sensation former Glasgow Rangers star Charlie Miller.

And how come Craig Foster Miller, the goal-scoring sensation, can play football if he's Scottish!

Should be a good game. The Roar have Robbie Kruse still to play, Michael Zullo a nice sub, Reinaldo maybe on from the start. Again a team from a big city with more depth?

Tell me again how the Salary Cap spreads the talent?

Kevin Muscat, Archie Thompson, Carlos Hernandez, Socceroo Michael Thwaite, Nicky Ward, Ney Fabiano, Juan Luis Lopez, Danny Allsopp, Grant do they fit them in under the Salary Cap compared to say...the Mariners or the Jets.

or are other clubs just not able to fill the Marquee, the Under 23 Marquee, the Service Agreement and indeed spend the Salary Cap?

Enjoy the goals:)

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Neil said...

Lay off my mate Ernie. How about getting stuck into your mate, Lawrie and his awful style of play.