Thursday, 28 August 2008

Townsville and Gold Coast: Who's next?

And then there were 10.

Canberra, Wollongong and Two bids, one team, from Melbourne. So two from three. With the strength of the Canberra bid already, I'd be backing the Capital to win the race for the next spot.

Have you seen Win Stadium:)

In further great news the FFA are talking about 14 teams which of course leaves space for the second Sydney and Melbourne team. Just not yet.

The bid from Canberra never looked so good. And let's face it when did you hear of Wollongong Council supporting a bid.

Can you imagine with all the shonky donky stuff going on down there, Buckley's would say Ben surely!

And when we win the race the more important challenge is to produce a team that is worthy of the people of the city, competes at the highest level year in year out, is profitable, and producces exciting football and young Canberran footballers who can take our football and city name across the Asian region.


Anonymous said...

Dont think that Celtic played Notts (or even Nottingham) Forest in the European Cup. I know, I went to all Forest home games lol. UEFA Cup I believe.

However, I agree with your sentiments 100%

Eamonn said...

1984 rings a could be wrong.

0-0 at Forest....2-1 to Forest at Celtic Park

Definitely Euro Cup. Stuart Ripley scored the Forest winner form memory.

I was at both...UEFA Cup...surely not....must have been the European Cup...

Anonymous said...

hmm....why stop at 14 teams when 16 teams would even be better for 30 games per season? More games, better for the fans and should be more revenues for the clubs. Hope each city only has one team, else local rivalry may eventually kill the league :)