Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Mariners to Canberra: More competitive football

Looks and sounds like the Mariners will bring two A-League games to Canberra. V Adelaide and Perth Glory.

And if Perth Glory sign Denilson or Alvaro Recoba as rumoured we'll be in for a treat like never before.

These are not pre-season games but regular competitive fixtures.
First the Socceroos now A-League. Good stuff.
The record Socceroos crowd recently in Canberra obviously woke a few people up in football land and local Govt, Business land, to many of us it merely confirmed what our evidence was saying.

But we don't want these games instead of an A-League team, but maybe this is another step on a long but inevitable journey.

And if the local Government can bring a few Sydney Swans AFL to Canberra for a few games this is the least the burgeoning football community deserves....and of course more Socceroos games will be in the mix as well.

Canberra will be the 12th team, or if West Sydney are given the nod as the FFA clearly wish, then the 13th..where else can the A-League go? We'll get there; just hang in.

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