Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Welcome home Australians're joking, never, Scottish...not after last weeks results in the World Cup.

Guess who is going to the World Cup in 2010..Australia...and suddenly Rhys Williams (Wales) Dean Bouzanis (Greece) and Brad Inman (Scotland) Shane Lowry (Ireland) have all decided they are AUSTRALIAN.

"Mate always was, just played for (insert other country here) for the craic, to take the michael really, but once Pim rang dinky di...he just said..World Cup and I thought you know I've always been so Australian, in my just feel right.

Note: At the time of writing Scotland, Wales have little chance of quaifying..wouldn't you know it!

Guess we'll be a better stronger after 2010 after all, with Euro based James Troisi, Bruce Djite, Brett Holman, Nikita Rukvystya, Mile Jedinak, James Holland, Michael Beauchamp, Matt Spiranovic, Carl Valeri all expected to move to the next tier post 2010.


Anonymous said...

here is another one for you,

Uruguayan-raised striker Richard Porta is still waiting for a phone call from Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek.

Eamonn said...

Think the difference is, is that we want the young fellas in case they turn out to be any good...

Porta is 25 and Pim must have decided that playing for Siena or on-loan to Belenese is worse than playing in the A-League...

Is Porta any good?

Djite, Kennedy, McDonald are hardly world beaters and another guy near to that level wouldn't hurt post 2010 would it?