Thursday, 28 May 2009

Little Men v Big Boys

When Manchester United play my team Celtic we are unable to get the ball.

And when Man Utd play Barcelona they are unable to get the ball.

Now given the difference in budgets between Celtic and Man United this is understandable.

But for United to be outclassed as they were this morning in the biggest game of club football, the European Champions League Final, against Barcelona..well it was embarrasing for any United fan...and aren't there heaps of them!

Here's why Fergie lost.

Well United are a great team and can keep the ball forever against Celtic, Stoke, Middlesboro, Newcastle or even Aston Villa...but they rely heavily on counter-attack football, their individual stars and they have many, against top top sides, and in Ronaldo they have a one man goal machine. And he didn't score.

Barcelona won for the little people. Iniesta, Messi not a giant among them showing the world that anyone, of any size can control a game of football at the highest level.

United met their match, as they did in the Semi last year. At Old Trafford United couldn't get the ball, but Paul Scholes lashed one home. Barca despite dominating never scored. But the difference in class was seen that day.

Why United with Ronaldo, Rooney, Giggs, Anderson, Ferdinand, Evra, Tevez, and co can't keep the ball says a lot about Barcelona, their passing and more importantly their movement.

Today Barcelona apart from the first ten minutes completely controlled the game and surely should have won by more, and if Thierry Henry or Iniesta had scored early in the second half the game won have been won.

Of course Aussie fans will be sick to death of hearing from Craig Foster about this co-operative club from Barcelona, but no more sick than the rest of the football community are at hearing how wonderful Man United are when they beat West Brom, Everton, Wigan or the like.

This was a great game. Two teams at the top of their game, United unbeaten in 25 yet at the highest level of the game, yet they were left wilting.

Imagine going to a final and producing like that. Fergie..surely it's your fault. Few Man United fans can accept such a debacle or can they.

Gus Hiddink showed the way to get close to Barca but to their credit United played the United it was Barcelona who set the standard for football.

Let's see how many emails I get from United fans today telling me how wonderful they are...suspect the phone lines will be quiet for awhile.


astrojax said...

nah, brook no argument here! barca were easily and by far the better footballing side and they obviously took many lessons from the way chelski played them at the camp nou, swarming amid the man u play and collecting the ball before man u had a moment to consider what to do with it, then setting to with sublime movement and silky skills and what a joy to watch!

if only terry henry henry had slipped that ball across the keeper instead of his ineffectual (as ever) shot, we may have seen even greater reward...

Anonymous said...

Cmon eamonn i expect better from you. Instead of being a man utd basher why cant you focus on the brilliance of barca rather than view the result as embarassment to Utd. Its a two team game mate, Barca were brilliant, Man Utd not so. Please don't focus on kicking Man Utd show some respect for their success and give Barcelona the credit they are due. Barcelona won the game, Man Utd lost it. Viva Barcelona

Eamonn said...

Expect nothing!

Having grown up with two United season ticket holding bros and tired of listening to all the Aussie United fans telling us how good they are...the richest team in UK and how they win week after knife has to come out every now and again...

yes Barca were fantastic..absolutely loved it

MatteJerry said...

Barca well deserved the win and it will be kept in Spain by Madrid this season