Saturday, 30 May 2009

Come on Timmy!

I reckon Timmy Cahill has no chance tonight in the FA Cup Final, and I won't be watching. Well last year I watched Portsmouth that was dire and the year before that I didn't watch, I rarely do.

I grew up watching Celtic in the Scottish Cup Final every year at Hampden Park, it seemed like it at least, so the English Cup Final often passed me by or maybe it was because it almost always a boring end of season snorefest.

In Australia now, I have little interest in watching Chelsea and Everton two of the least un-Barca like teams around, and besides most games in England are pretty predictable when they are between one of the top four and the rest...even if Everton are fifth.

So good luck to Timmy and of course Falkirk in Scotland.

And then it'll be time to get Timmy over to Qatar (again) for the real game next weekend. I'll be up for that one.

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