Thursday, 21 May 2009

Young Aussies shine across Asia

Watching Ben Kantarovski last night was awesome as the young Jets player strode across Asia.

I could see the Green and Gold shirt on this young man for years to come. Another gem I'm sure.

But I also noted the impact of Jason Hoffman, Brodie Mooy, Adam D'Appuzzo, and in recent games Sean Rooney and Marko Jesic. All young Australians starting to make their way in the game. Isn't it great?

All have made an impact in different ways across Asia at such a young age.

And did you see that move...under defensive pressure down the left the Jets turned back towards goal, kept the ball and swept it via the keeper across to the right, moved it towards the middle back out to the right and sent Jason Hoffman into the box. A pass across to the unmarked Brodie Mooy was muffed as Hoffman hit wide, but what a piece of play.

Would have been the best A-League team goal ever...or gone close.

But don't expect the Australian media to pick up on the achievement of these young men just yet, not when their is a Rugby League hero or AFL star to discuss.

In Canberra the sports news this morning didn't even give the result.

Some are quick, too quick, to criticise our fledgling league but Newcastle Jets have sent a message to all the knockers, and perhaps more pertinently to their mates from Gosford.

How is it a team with so many young Aussies can do so well in Asia? And don't they look technical and tactical to boot.

It's great to see another, our second Aussie team, coached by an Aussie, in the latter stages of the ACL.

Newcastle Jets, Adelaide Unted and at times Sydney FC have produced wonderful performances in clearly those inside and outside the game who knock the Aussie style have no they?

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Anonymous said...

i am surprised that kantarovski is still in oz.

be interesting to see which talents go where, and how quickly.