Wednesday, 3 June 2009

1,000 make that 3,000 Mum!

Bernie Lustica enthralled us on the radio last night with his story of his son Stephen's journey to his first professional contract with Gold Coast United.

Here's a snippet:

"So Stephen came home from pre-season training (around age 12) and said my coach says I have to do 3,000 juggles by the end of the season. He's set targets for everyone!"

"How many can you do," asks Bernie
"1,000," says Stephen

Four days later, just four days later, the young Lustica had reached his target. His only problem?

He lost count after 1,000 so had to get his mum out to the backyard to count to 3,000...and she did!

And what about the time he went to Hadjuk Split for a trial...again around 13 having just seen his Coerver side pumped by Barcelona shame there.

The Coach of Split said to Stephen, "Will you come back next year,"
Stephen, "Yes"
Coach, "Do you know what you have to do?"
Stepehn, "No"
Coach, "You have to train for three hours a day every day, because thats what these guys in Hadjuk will be doing when I coach them.

Bernie says this was the turning point for Stephen and he did it!

And great story from Bernie:

After this trip Stephen used to come home from school and go down to the oval and train and train. He'd get me to come down and for hours and hours he'd get me to help him practice. I'm not as young as I once was and at the end of the day I was tired, very tired out on that oval.

"So in the end I used to ring up home ask my wife if Stephen had left for the oval....if he'd gone..I come home from work!"

Tough life been a dad of a young aspirant!

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