Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Canberra: Could we ever match this?

Is it true that only a Canberra A-League team, a financially viable one, can deliver what the Central Coast are planning and Canberra Youth and Football community so desperately needs.

An international standard training and education centre the whole region can be proud of.

Now if the Central Coast can plan what just four years ago was Rugby League heartland we in Canberra can surely have the same one day can't we?

Central Coast better than Canberra

From the Midfielder:

Lyle Gorman and Peter Turnbull presented their plan for a Mariners Centre of Excellence to be built at Club Tuggerah. The plan is extremely impressive. It will cover 22 acres of land; 14 acres currently owned by Wyong RSL and another 8 acres gifted to the project by Wyong Shire Council. Wyong Mayor Bob Graham commented during the meeting that Wyong Shire Council intends to fast track all development applications as a project of major significance to the Wyong Shire.

From memory, the development consists of:

* 6 international class football playing fields (including the two existing fields)
* several futsal playing fields
* a new two story building on the self storage/auctions side of Club Tuggerah incorporating:
o 120 accomodation units
o indoor heated swimming pool
o gymnasium
o sports science centre
o Mariners FC administration offices
* refurbishing the existing Club Tuggerah building incorporating new outdoor seating areas
* a new, two story building built near the edge of the current Club Tuggerah car park extending toward the fishing club boathouse including:
o club facilities (i.e. bar areas etc) that approximately double the size of the existing club facility. The two areas would be joined by a covered walkway
o multiple conference room and function room facilities
o catering facilities and amenities
o other stuff that I’ve probably forgotten

The fields will be used by Tuggerah FC, the National Youth League and the W-League sides for training and competition matches. The Mariners and visiting A-League clubs will use the fields for training. Visiting A-league sides would use the accomodation. It was also noted during the meeting that there are expectations for an international football presence at the facility through the Mariners FC’s links with various overseas football clubs.

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