Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Australia v England: World Cup Fever.

442 magazine have 70,000 readers per month. They reckon if each of those readers get 15 Aussies to sign-up at the above address to show support for the World Cup bid then we'll have a million fans.

So come on, every reader of this blog, get your 15 friends, family and colleagues to sign-up.

Dare to dream: If Australia gets the World Cup, announced in Dec 2010, what would you feel like, and how would the next ten years in Australia be for you, in football terms.

England or Australia? Who do you want to win the World Cup bid.


astrojax said...

ok, i stand to be corrected, but isn't this guff about us competing against england really guff, in that should england, say, win the 2018 bid, then none of the other european bids would be contenders for the 2022 bid, leaving australia's bid competing, genuinely competing, against the remaining countries?

and vice versa, and of course insert any europe bid in 'england'... so, is this not the case? are we genuinely competing directly against england - can't england AND australia [or mexico / indonesia / etc] host consecutive tournaments where, say, england and portugal/spain could not??

Eamonn said...

er pure guff but how else do you get the whole nation behind the bid

and after all if England won 2018 and USA 2022

Reckon English people wouldn't let you have it...before during and after the Ashes for ever and a day:)