Wednesday, 17 June 2009

World Cup places to be grabbed.

Now most of the Aussie media is focusing on a lack of Harry but real fans of the game knows tonight, and every game from here to South Africa, is crucial for ANY Aussie who gets to play for the National team.

Every game, every minute on the park is crucial for Stefan Stefanutto, Rhys Williams, Jade North, Scott McDonald and Nicky Carle to name a few.

A good performance against Japan will help their, and maybe our cause.

But the Aussie media want to focus on Harry and co not being there.

Interestingly Wallabies Captain, yes the Captain, is "rested" for Saturdays game against Italy in Melbourne, along with four other problem or no news scandal with that one apparently.

So the FFA need to get a better yarn out about how crucial these games, and particularly tonights game, is to the Aussie players.

What Aussie player wouldn't give everything to be on that plane to South Africa...this should be the focus of tonights game; and another chance to build players beyond the Kewell's so when Harry doesn't play the football public are happy to see the best Aussie players in the land from a pool of 22.

Because whichever way you look at it, whoever plays, those who take the field are in the best 22 footballers in the land.

Any of the one million people who play the game in Australia would like to play in that team....well I would....Harry or no Harry.

Australia to win, and show those media fans of the J-League who exactly is the best in Asia.

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astrojax said...

once again we can bemoan the lack of informativeness of our bog-ordinary journalists, who simply rehash and don't think. lucky we've eamonn!